In this tutorial I share with you how to create a half up hair look that is quick and simple.  I love this look for a date night or for special event styling.  There are only three steps and you only need a couple of tools and products.  To start, blowout your hair and leave it straight or wave it.  The glam in this look is all about how you pull it up so the details of how you decide to finish your hair before is all about YOU!

I take a small section in the crown of my head and secure it with a small hair elastic.  I then hold onto the base of the ponytail and with my other hand I pull the hair strand by strand to create dimension and volume in the crown.  Once I have that the way I want it to look I then take about an inch section behind the bang area on one side of my head in front of the ponytail.  I twist that section away from the face and then rouge it by pulling bit by bit strands from the twist to fatten the twist up.  I secure it with a bobby pin on the opposite side of the ponytail.  Repeat this step on the other side.  Spray with a medium hold hairspray and just like that you are ready for a special night out!

I know you are going to love creating this look on yourself.  I broke down the steps with you in mind and I ensure you will find it quick and simple.

Products used:  1 small elastic, bobby pins, a comb, Kerastase medium hold hairspray and products can be found in the shop section of my website or click the link.