You cannot be salon ready everyday without my top five list of tools to have.  Keep reading for inspiration to stock your bathroom with must-haves you will use everyday.

1. Blow Dryer- having the right blow dryer is essential for having amazing hair everyday.  My personal favorite is the TwinTurbo 35oo, this lightweight hairdryer is perfect for in the salon or at home use.  It is small and powerful making it great for travel as well.  It has ionic and ceramic technology which enables it to dry your hair from the inside out so that hair is left shiny without damage.  This dryer is absolutely amazing!  I have been using this brand behind the chair for many years and it has never let me down.

2. Round Brush- this is a must for everyday polished tresses.  The Ergo Ionic Ceramic Brush is my go to.  This brush provides a grip that makes polishing the hair easy and effortless.  The bristles are heat-resistant and has tourmaline which gives amazing shine and locks out humidity for a lasting blowout.  It also comes in 5 barrel sizes making it customizable for any hair length.

3. Flat Brush- yes you need a round AND a flat!  A flat brush is essential to have for multiple reasons. First it is a great tool to use for detangling wet tresses.  Wet hair is the easiest to compromise because it is when the hair is most susceptible to damage due to the elasticity being at its most. Therefore using the right brush from the start can prevent any unnecessary damage to the hair leaving it shiny and beautiful before you even start the blow drying process.  This brush is also great for polishing the hair for a more smooth finish while blow drying.  My favorite also happens to be by Ergo.

4. Curling Iron- News Flash: curled or waved hair is not ever going to go out of style!  The only thing that changes is the type of curl or wave pattern that we are seeing in fashion and guess what, if you want to get different types of looks then you might need different sizes or types of curling irons.  For that beachey soft wave that is super in style now, a 1 1/4 inch barrel seems to be a good starting point for size.  However, if you want smaller or bigger curls you must go down or up in size.  Many of us struggle to get a certain look only because we aren’t using the right tool.  Also there are many types of curling irons now such as traditional barrels, wands and beach wavers.  You may find you need more than one type to get different looks so know your inventory. I use Hot Tools traditional barrels in the salon.  They are affordable and dependable.  I have a Bellami hair wand that came with my clip in extensions that I wear occasionally and I love that wand.  I love love love the Beachwaver, it seemed like an iron that looked too good to be true but has quickly become a go to tool for me both in and out of the salon.

5. Tail Comb/Brush-even the everyday style requires this tool.  This multi functional tool can be used for help in parting off the hair before blow drying or curling. It can also be used to add volume into the hair via teasing or back combing at the roots.  I can assure you that this will become a tool you will find yourself reaching for often. The one I am currently using is by Sam Villa.  It’s heat-resistant too!

Check back later for a follow through on more information and tutorials featuring these tools and more!